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Perry Jones Interior Designs
July 16, 2008, 10:38 pm
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Check this out:

Perry Jones Interior Designs

This is the company that I work for now.



The 2nd most important room in the house.

I have compiled a wide array of different styles, ideas and products for your viewing pleasure.

As with the kitchens, the styles and colors will vary from individual to individual based on their personal style and taste but a couple of things are crucial to a good bathroom:

1. Space – now, before you close out the window because you don’t have a large bathroom, and therefore think that I am offering you no hope…. Space doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the square footage of your bathroom.  There are plenty of really large bathrooms that don’t use the space well and feel crowded, and there are just as many really small bathrooms that maximize every inch of space that they have available which makes them feel really roomy.  The layout and flow of a bathroom is really important.  I personally don’t like brushing my teeth while my husband is right next to me shaving his abundance of facial hair (ok, truth is he doesn’t grow much facial hair.. but it’s gross either way)  I also would prefer to not step out of the shower and be face-to-face with him (there is a time and a place for this)

2. Functionality (this is starting to sound more and more like the Kitchen Post isn’t it?) – It doesn’t make any functional sense to have your towel bar on the opposite side of the bathroom from your shower.  It also doesn’t make any sense to have a bathroom with no storage (especially if you have a woman that uses the bathroom)

3. Feel/Atmosphere – a really good bathroom gives you the option of customizing the feel of the space based on your needs at the moment.  For instance, maybe a dimmer installed on the lights surrounding your tub?  I don’t think that coming home after a long day of work, getting in the tub and feeling like you’re in the spotlight on a stage is very relaxing.  I also, personally, like to take showers in the morning with very few lights on, I feel like it is a gradual introduction to the harsh day (which means I highly dislike when my husband comes in to get ready and turns all the lights completely on).  Maybe you live someplace that gets really cold in the winter (or.. if you live in Bend, then the Spring and Fall as well) so radiant heating in your bathroom would be a nice feature.  The color pallet that you chose will make a big difference determining the feel of your space.

Whatever style you like, hopefully you can get some good ideas from the following examples:

(Post a comment and let me know which one is your favorite)

July 2, 2008, 11:36 pm
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I figured I would start this blog out with a post about kitchens because, in my opinion, the kitchen is the heart of a home.

It is common knowledge in the real estate world that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses (maybe that is some foreshadowing for what is to come next?) so it makes perfect sense to me that the kitchen would be the first room featured.

To me, a good kitchen isn’t made by the style or the colors so much as the functionality, feel and inclusiveness to the rest of the house (after all, who wants to be confined to a cave-like kitchen while their guests are out enjoying each others’ company?)